Water Treatment System Specialist Malaysia

March 29th, 2014

Water Treatment System Specialist Malaysia

Organo (Asia) Pte Ltd., a subsidiary of Organo Corporation Japan was incorporated in since 1986.

Organo expanded from Japan to Malaysia, over 27 years to provide water treatment chemical solutions to our customers which focusing in the Southeast Asia region. To date, we have built more than 100 water treatments systems (such as Demineralized Water System, Wastewater Treatment System, Ultra Pure Water System and more) in this region and not to mention systems modifications and expansions works.

Organo Asia is a one stop global industrial water treatment solution provider and evidence of our footprints is seen in countries around the world.

Some of the water treatment systems :

Ultra Pure Water System
Sustainable Solutions in Ultra Pure and Demineralized Water Treatment Organo Asia recognises the added-value impact of technology to its business competitiveness and sustained growth. Organo Asia make more efficient use of resources, manifests through its commitment to technology and investment in R&D, projects and competency development.

As a water treatment specialize, we are totally committed to using our expertise and years of experience to meet our clients variety of need and requirements. Organo Asia dominates effort to constantly assist our clients to enhance productivity and progress by providing water as physically close to pure H2O.

Wastewater Treatment System

We have extensive experience in providing one-stop-solutions for wastewater treatment including process development, detailed design, construction and commissioning. We ensure our customers receive the best solutions that fulfill the project’s requirements.

For more information, please visit http://www.organoasia.com

Specialist in Manufacturing

November 24th, 2013

Specialist in Manufacturing

PRONAL is an industrial SME which, for nearly 50 years, is constantly bringing and renewing its expertise in flexible structures and/or bags in elastomer/plastomer/composite.

PRONAL offers a range of products that extends from flexible collapsible tank for storage and transportation, flexible lifting cushions and bags, flexible compensator, pipe stoppers, grippers, lifting aircraft cushions to multiple custom-made products.

flexible compensator

Today, more than 3,000 global customers rely on PRONAL to be an actor in Design Projects in fields as diverse as military, aerospace, offshore, industrial mechanical/hydraulic, nuclear, environmental ones…

PRONAL has built its strategy on strong values which ensure the continued existence of the company:
• Being responsive and meet customer expectations by providing solutions and services fitted to their needs.
• Innovating constantly in order to anticipate technological developments.
• Permitting our organization to be mobile and flexible.
• Intervening in various and diversified fields at an international level.
• Allowing each employee to find his place, to evolve, to learn, in a word, and to progress.

Face to increasing demand coming from Asia, PRONAL has built a new plant in Malaysia since January 2012.

For more information, please visit pronalasia.com

Hydraulic Piling Hammer Manufacturer

September 24th, 2013

Hydraulic Piling Hammer Manufacturer

Impact-Power Hydraulics Sdn. Bhd. is the premier hydraulic piling hammer manufacturer in Malaysia since 1993.

In Malaysia, diesel piling hammers and drop hammers still been used in piling field till 1990’s. With the technological advancement, the company has developed hydraulic piling hammer to replace the old technologies. It has been tested and has proven to solve high noise level issues and additional environmental pollution problems caused by diesel pile hammers.

hydraulic piling hammer

Impact – Power Hydraulics (IPH) is well-known in Malaysia by giving good impression and superb performance to customers with their product and after sales service. The company has diversified the product line to manufacture different size of hydraulic hammer to gather customers’ need. With the enthusiasm over the level of demand for the hydraulic piling hammer, the IPH Hydraulic Piling Hammer had been developed in 1993 and aimed to bring the most recent technology to pile driving hammer techniques. It is suitable to drive all types of piles.

Since 2006 the company started export products to other countries, such as Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Singapore, Maldives and others.

For more information, please visit iph.com.my

Professional Cutting Tools Manufacturer

September 11th, 2013

Professional Cutting Tools Manufacturer

Diteq Tools (M) Sdn Bhd is founded in 2007 and currently has grown to one of the leaders in diamond tool manufacturer in Malaysia, equipped with the most complete range of products to fulfill users’ requirement and increase their standard and professionalism in their work.

The brand “Coolman” is formed with only one goal and vision – producing the finest and most exquisite diamond tools products. Coolman products are certified by MPA and oSa (The Organization for the Safety of Abrasives) from Germany, to boost the confidence of users towards Coolman.

With more than a decade’s experience and knowledge in the diamond tools industry, Coolman continuously offers new products to boost work productivity. In terms of technology achievements, Coolman is the first brand to introduce Dual Bond System (DBS), Proper Diamond Arrangement (PDA), Vacuum Brazed Technology (VB-Tech), Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) and many more. All these technologies are served to improve on the efficiency and quality of work, at the same time reducing the cost at the long run.

Coring Machine

The biggest breakthrough of Coolman is in 2012, where Coolman Concept Stores start appearing at different places in Malaysia. Coolman Concept Stores are committed in educating the public in helping the users in selecting the right blade for the right job. It has also successfully increased the awareness of Coolman brand to the market. Coolman product including Diamond Blade, Diamond Wire, Diamond Grinding, Polishing Pad, Diamond Coring, VB-Tech, PCD Tools, TCT Saw Blade, Machine such as Coring Machine, Power Cutter, Wall Saw Machine and etc

Coolman will continue to grow internationally to become a worldwide main solution provider for diamond tools.

For more information, please visit www.coolman.com.my

Air conditioning service company in Garland and Wylie TX

September 10th, 2013

Air conditioning service company in Garland and Wylie TX

The largest Texas city northeast of Dallas and part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Garland, Texas is located mostly in Dallas County with a small portion extending into Collin County. It’s the 12th most populous city in Texas — and a very well-regarded one at that. In 2008, it ranked 67th in a well-known listing of the top 100 places to live. It has achieved other accolades as well.

Offering free in-home evaluations, Willard AC is the leading contractor in air conditioning repair Garland, TX. The company is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you don’t have to worry about overtime charges or any hidden fees no matter when you call.


Besides, Willard AC also provide air conditioning repair service in Wylie, TX. Wylie, Texas has the distinction of spanning three counties. Divided between Collin, Dallas and Rockwall counties, the city has grown more than 173 percent since the 2000 census. It’s now home to more than 41,000 people. In fact, the city was once located entirely in Collin County, but it has sprawled into the adjoining counties in recent years because of its incredible growth. As part of the humid subtropical region, Wylie experiences hot summers and generally mild winters that sometimes turn cold. The heat is its most intense in July, and the cold comes on strongest in January. The rainiest month in May.

That’s why Wylie residents have come to depend on their heating and air conditioning contractors for comfort and safety during extremes — and every day. Randy Willard brings 30 years experience in HVAC installation and repair to Willard Heating and Air Conditioning and he believe he can serve the best for the citizens in Wylie. TX

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