Specialist in Manufacturing

Specialist in Manufacturing

PRONAL is an industrial SME which, for nearly 50 years, is constantly bringing and renewing its expertise in flexible structures and/or bags in elastomer/plastomer/composite.

PRONAL offers a range of products that extends from flexible collapsible tank for storage and transportation, flexible lifting cushions and bags, flexible compensator, pipe stoppers, grippers, lifting aircraft cushions to multiple custom-made products.

flexible compensator

Today, more than 3,000 global customers rely on PRONAL to be an actor in Design Projects in fields as diverse as military, aerospace, offshore, industrial mechanical/hydraulic, nuclear, environmental ones…

PRONAL has built its strategy on strong values which ensure the continued existence of the company:
• Being responsive and meet customer expectations by providing solutions and services fitted to their needs.
• Innovating constantly in order to anticipate technological developments.
• Permitting our organization to be mobile and flexible.
• Intervening in various and diversified fields at an international level.
• Allowing each employee to find his place, to evolve, to learn, in a word, and to progress.

Face to increasing demand coming from Asia, PRONAL has built a new plant in Malaysia since January 2012.

For more information, please visit pronalasia.com

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